Monday, April 03, 2006

Party - 4th March

Well .... we met up at about 2.00pm. Having been informed that
Mistres Smoke was ill, together with her Alpha slave, we were then
informed that there was no reservation made for us. Highlander was
able to convince the maitre d that there was in fact a reservation
and we sat down at a table for 10 people.

Yoker arrived just a little late, but he had a long way to travel,
and Caned arrived about 5 minutes before we were about to leave. Well
done that man !!

Returning to the 'office' at about 4.30 pm, there was some chat and
then some play downstairs.First to change, as ever was slave
leprechaun characteristically dressed, or should i say undressed in
manacles a prince Albert, and a schlong the size of the Empire state
Building ... always a good talking point at all parties. He will
refer anyone who asks to the website that will help it grow .... He
was placed in one of the cages to await his fate from one of the
Mistresses ...or even a Master ... if he was particularly naughty.

Stingray next, was dressed in the uniform of a foreign police officer
(naturally of high rank) and proceeded to 'collar'Yoker taking her
downstairs for some play. They were next sighted in the video room
with Sting placing vibrating nipple clamps / pumps on her nipples.
Sighs of pain or pleasure ...or probably both, one brought on by the

On the top deck, the others were still chatting, so much so, that
Angelika and Stromberg had to take their leave due to other
commitments ... play will have to wait until the next play day, I
suppose. However, they did not leave without purchasing one of the
new shipment of whips; a nice soft suede black and red striped job,
which will make a lot of noise, but leave no marks; the added bonus
being that it matches a pretty pink rubber skirt that she likes to

Caned was ordered by Iron Damsel to change into some leather shorts,
and once she herself had changed into a black leather number plus
boots, dragged him downstairs by the collar as pennance for beinglate
for lunch, and failing to collect Yoker as arranged. As you will see,
it gets better.

Mistress Stiletto was dressed in a beautifully designed red leather
dress, very provocative, and very sexy. She also tried on a black
leather dress, also part of the new batch of dresses which had
arrived. She and carpenter descended to the dungeon where she took
charge of the leprechaun, ordering him to continue masturbating
whilst on is knees watching Stingray and Highlander torture slave
Yoker(again the sighs of pleasure.

Tere were therefore basically two camps of play. centred around a
male slave, Caned, and a female slave.

Although the author of this report did not directly see what Damsel
and Stiletto were doing to their slave, the screams were quite loud,
and from time to time there were screams from caned, as Damsel
connected the electric fly swatter to Caned's genitals (definitely
not screams of ecstasy ... more like serious pain). Stiletto and
caropenter worked on him with whips, floggers, and especially nipple
clamps until he was grovelling and begging to be let down from the

They acceeded to his pleas for mercy, but dragged him over to ne of
the horses andtook it in turns to use the 'strap-ons' on his arse ...
again the screams !! But there is nowhere to hide your bum when you
are tied very very firmly by wrists and ankles to a horse. Of course,
they did not only enter him from the rear ... if he screamed to loud,
they bet him with the leather paddles ... I would have thought that a
gag would have been easier ...but ...hey ...screams are so much more

Meanwhile, a few yards away could be heard the yells and could be
seen the writhings of slave Yoker, lain out on the stocks where
Stingray and Highlander had fixed her, and raised her legs right up,
working together as a team ... one intent on extending her nipples to
the maximum (and they WERE extended !) while the other used various
implements such as a clitoral pump, vibrator and lubricated gloved
habd to enhance her pleasure. They poked prodded and pounded, taking
turns both north and south of the lady's 'equator line'. Eventually
they worked on her arse and vagina with different toys and chained
the nipple clamps to her teeth , urging her to pull on her own
nipples, and when she did not, they administered punishment to the
cheeks of her arse with palms and whips to encourage her, plus using
the grass whip on her displayed genitals .... lots of oohs and agh's,
plus the occasional begging for mercy, plus one 'RED' call ...being
the safeword for the day.

Having exhausted themselves on the stocks, they transferred their
enrgies to the st Andrew's Cross, and used assorted crops across her
body, plus various insertions to enhance the pleasure / pain
principle. Lots of begging whenever one of the Masters' fingers even
came near to the now maximum extended nipples ... what a pleasure !!

One could go on and on about the session because we were down there
for over two hours before returning to the top deck. It was a lot of
fun ... well ... for some of us anyway.

Watch this space for pictures in the not too distant future,
compliments of Carpenter, the official photographer.

Ask us about anything, and we shall try to answer your queries.

Those present, to recapitulate:
Iron Damsel

With fond regards to all our readers

(The Chat room was open, and there were a few visitors, but no

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Highlander and The iron Damsel

Mistress Stiletto in control

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Other side of Dungeon Posted by Hello

The Dungeon Posted by Hello

Friday, May 13, 2005

Gothic Dungeon in Spain

" The Iron Damsel, Mistress Stiletto plus Master Highlander can offer private sessions for unaccompanied singles straight, gay or bi, who wish a brief insight into HELL !!

The BDSM Dungeon in Spain and play area are for singles, couples and groups in the BDSM ‘scene’ who wish to enjoy a unique Medieval BDSM experience.

The dungeon is situated in the cellar of a 100 years old Spanish Manor House. The Dungeon is sound proofed and air conditioned. Equiment includes a gantry for suspension, different size cages, whipping post, horses, stocks, St Andrew’s Cross, see through toilet for water sports, electrics and lots of other items.

The premises are also available to rent for parties, couples and groups on an hourly or extended period basis stays with 24/7 slave accommodation.


For straight clients:

For gay or bisexual clients:


Telephone: (0034) 666 147 364.


Sessions with resident Mistress / Master / both - per hour € 130

Rentals and accommodation include:
Full fetishware of your choice from our extensive selection,
Use of dungeon, equipment, whips, and toys, bondage manuals, condoms, lubricants ( if needed)
Per Hour, per couple € 25

Accommodation with Private Sessions - Per 24 hours
One night € 450 / Two nights € 600 / Three nights € 800 /
Four nights € 1200 / Five nights € 1500 / Six nights € 2000 / Full Week € 2500

Accommodation only - Per Double Room - 24/7 access to all facilities
One night € 250 / Two nights € 350 / Three nights € 450
Four nights € 550 / Five nights € 650 / Six nights € 750 / Full Week € 850

We are professional adults who know how to satisfy clients' desires. We possess a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from being active players in the BDSM scene."

Both Mistresses and Master enjoy inflicting pain causing humiliation, degradation, denial and teasing to keep slaves docile and eager to serve.